The IADR, AADOCR, and all Group/Network Communities will not be accessible from October 18-21, 2021 as IADR goes through site improvements. Thank you for your understanding. 


  1. Applicability. The Association Exhibit Guidelines are an official part of the exhibit application. Signature of the Exhibitor on the contract acknowledges that the exhibitor understands and accepts the Exhibit Guidelines delineated herein.
  2. Interpretation. The Association, through its designated representatives, reserves the right to interpret the Guidelines and to make final decisions on all points regarding the Guidelines. All exhibitor requests for permission to deviate from any of these guidelines should be submitted in writing for approval by the Association.
  3. Amendments. The Association and all related vendors, through their representatives, shall not be held responsible for the actions of any Exhibitor or its employees, but shall have full power to make such further rules and regulations as they shall consider necessary and proper for the conduct of the exhibition and the meeting.
  4. Cancellation.
    1. Cancellations made on or before May 21, 2021, will incur a 10% service charge for the total booth rental. The remaining payment will be refunded to the exhibitor.
    2. IADR will retain 100% of the total booth rental if cancellation is made after the May 21, 2021, deadline.
    3. If a Corporate Exhibitor cancels, the privilege of the allotted complimentary exhibitor-only badges per booth is no longer valid for use by company delegates, regardless of whether the cancelled exhibitor paid full booth rental.
    4. If the exhibit booth space is not staffed by the Exhibitor by the start of the exhibit, the Association reserves the right to use such space as it deems fit.
    5. IADR reserves the right to cancel for cause any contract with any Exhibitor at any time prior to or during the meeting without recourse to compensation.
  5. Full payment is due with the application to exhibit.
  6. Use of the IADR's name and logo by the Exhibitor is strictly forbidden unless reference is made to the name of the specific meeting for which exhibit space has been reserved and the IADR has given consent.


  1. Products or services eligible for exhibit shall be related to and appropriate for the theme of the meeting and/or for use in oral health research and education, the practice of dentistry, or the promotion of the public's general health.
  2. Complete scientific and technical data, whether published or unpublished, concerning product or service safety, operation, and usefulness may be required for review by IADR. IADR reserves the right to decline space to any Exhibitor for any product, technique or service for which claims are made that cannot be adequately substantiated by acceptable scientific data.
  3. Any promotional material describing a product or service may cite, in footnotes, references from scientific literature provided the reference is truthfully and fully cited and the citation is representative of the body of literature supporting the claim made.
  4. Taking orders of merchandise for future delivery is encouraged and is of great interest to our delegates. However, actual over-the counter sales of items within the exhibit hall is prohibited, i.e. exchanging the item for payment onsite. 
  5. No personal solicitation or distribution/placement of advertising or complimentary materials outside the exhibit area is allowed, unless previously arranged with the IADR/AADR/CADR.
  6. No loudspeakers, sound systems, movies, video projectors, or megaphones that interfere with adjoining exhibits are permitted in the exhibition hall.
  7. Exhibitors will refrain from unethical and/or unfair business or sales practices.
  8. Photocopying segments or pages from copyrighted publications for business/commercial purposes to avoid payment of reprint or copyright fees is forbidden. Distribution of reprints at an exhibit booth is authorized only when the reprints are produced by the proper agencies and copyright fees have been authorized and paid. See below for further detail:
    1. Companies desiring to distribute reprinted booklets of their funded abstracts must request permission in writing.
    2. Abstracts cannot be altered.
    3. Abstracts cannot be presented in such a way as to imply IADR endorsement of specific products or services.
    4. Each abstract must contain a credit line. The volume number, Special Issue number, URL, and year are unique to each meeting, and each abstract will have its own abstract number. Exact URLs will be provided once IADR receives a list of accepted abstracts desired for reprint.
  9. Exhibitors are prohibited from photographing or examining other exhibit booths without permission from both IADR and the other exhibitor(s). The IADR reserves the right to photograph all exhibit booths for publicity purposes.
  10. Exhibitors are prohibited from videotaping of any kind in the exhibit hall, meeting rooms or general public meeting areas. Exhibitors can request special permission to videotape and request must be submitted in writing 60 days prior to the meeting. Requests should include purpose, filming schedule, proposed shot list, vendor information and other important details. All requests are subject to review by Association leadership before approval could be granted. It is the responsibility of the requesting company and its vendor(s) to become informed of local labor regulations that apply at the respective facilities.
  11. Exhibitors are prohibited from conducting demonstrations involving invasive procedures on patients or other live models.


  1. Employees of an Exhibitor will be allowed to install and dismantle the exhibits of that firm (if allowed in that city), provided that the employees adhere to local labor union rules and regulations. All individuals associated with installation and dismantling procedures must wear closed-toe shoes and appropriate safety equipment.
  2. Employees of an Exhibitor will dress in a professional, business-like manner and maintain reasonable standards of cleanliness, orderliness and decorum. The Association reserves the right to require an Exhibitor to remove an exhibit representative or employee, if the Association deems that individual's conduct or appearance unacceptable.
  3. Badges must be worn at all times, and any misuse or exchange of badges will result in expulsion of the representatives from the meeting and exhibition-hall.
  4. Corporate Exhibitors are eligible to receive complimentary exhibitor-only badges based on registration type per purchased 10 x 10 booth for company employees only (in addition to the benefits included with Corporate Section membership).
  5. Institutional exhibitors are eligible to receive one complimentary exhibitor-only badge per purchased 10 x 10 booth for institution employees only.
  6. It is the responsibility of the exhibiting company to “redeem” complimentary registrations, either by submitting the exhibitor registration form (password was sent in exhibitor information and is your company/institutional member ID) prior to the July 12, 2021, or by using the complimentary registrations onsite. Substitutions are accepted onsite and should be handled at the exhibitor registration counter.
  7. Complimentary registrations for exhibit personnel are valid as long as they are company employees (a company business card may be required onsite for verification). If any of your booth personnel pays the individual registration fee for the meeting and later wants to redeem an unused complimentary registration, there will be a $50 processing fee (per individual) for the paid registration fee. Refunds will be processed after the meeting.


  1. Distribution of advertising matter by representatives of firms who are not official Exhibitors is strictly forbidden.
  2. Distribution of samples of approved products and souvenirs is permissible provided it is done in a professional manner, does not create a nuisance or disturbance, and causes no interference with adjoining exhibits. The distribution of such materials will be permitted only in the exhibit hall.


  1. Exhibitors are restricted to the confines of the space reserved. An Exhibitor cannot block access to or visibility of other exhibit booth(s).
  2. The Association reserves the right to decline or prohibit any exhibit or part of an exhibit which, in the Association's opinion, is not suitable for and/or in keeping with the theme or character of the exhibit or meeting.
  3. No space shall be sublet without written approval from the Association.
  4. All aisle space is under the control of the Association and shall not be used for exhibit or demonstration purposes.
  5. All booths are in-line unless an island booth is purchased.
  6. A standard booth shall consist of an in-line 10 x 10 space on the exhibit floor.
  7. The maximum height for a standard booth is 8'. If the height of your Island Booth exceeds 12’, please contact IADR for approval.
  8. The front of a booth (5’ from the aisle to the middle of a booth) may not extend any higher than 42", so as not to obscure the sight line of other exhibitors.  
  9. Side rails are 36". High counters must be placed at least 1’ back from the booth entrance, so as not to impede aisle traffic.
  10. Only the back of a booth (5’ from the back wall to the middle of a booth) may be 8' in height. Hanging signs or lights from the exhibit hall ceiling requires prior approval by the IADR/AADR/CADR Exhibits Manager. Please note: Exhibitors are responsible for all expenses involved, and signage or lights may not obstruct the view of other signage or structures in the Exhibit Hall.
  11. Exhibitors who choose to use booth-assembly or dismantling labor other than of the IADR official show decorator must notify IADR Exhibit Management and the official show decorator no later than January 8, 2020. Necessary certificates of insurance must be supplied to IADR. Exhibitors using I&D or EAC companies are required to supply such contractors with all necessary information regarding rules and regulations. Neither Show Decorator nor IADR Exhibit Management is required to supply an Exhibitor Service Manual to these non-official service contractors. However, both I&D and EAC staff must comply with ALL Exhibit Management and facility rules and regulations, including applicable union and labor regulations.
  12. Exhibition booths must be setup between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The IADR reserves the right to use any exhibit space not occupied by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, without further obligation, i.e., refund, loss of business, or liability. If freight is in a booth that is not set by 5 p.m. IADR reserves the right to mandate a forced set, at the Exhibitor’s expense, without claiming any liability for the company’s freight.  (Times subject to change)
  13. Carpet/floor covering is required in all booths and must be ordered directly by the exhibitor through the exhibiting services contractor.  Carpet costs are not included in exhibition costs and are the responsibility of the exhibitor.


  1. Exhibitors will carry liability insurance on their exhibits at their own expense. The Association accepts no liability whatsoever for the exhibit personnel or materials, beyond reasonable care.
  2. The Association shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or theft that may occur to the Exhibitor or the Exhibitor's employees or property from any cause whatsoever, prior to, during, or subsequent to the period covered by the exhibit contract.
  3. The Exhibitor, by signing the contract, expressly releases the Association, the exhibit-facility firm, the Association representatives, and the decorator from, and agrees to indemnify the same against, any and all claims for such loss, damage, or injury.
  4. Neither the Association, any of its officers, staff members, or committees, nor the owner, employees, or representatives of the exhibit-facility firm, shipper, or decorators will bear responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur to the Exhibitor or the Exhibitors' employees or property, prior to, during, or subsequent to the period covered by the Exhibit Contract, provided said injury, loss, or damage is not caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of one or more of the aforementioned parties.
  5. Security guards will be on duty during the meeting, but the Association and the security firm do not guarantee Exhibitors against loss of any kind. Exhibitors may hire additional security for their booth if desired.  Exhibitors are responsible for expenses of additional security.
  6. In the event the meeting/exhibition cannot be held because of fire, strike, natural disaster, or other circumstances beyond the control of the Association, this contract shall not be binding. Refunds will be provided.


  1. Only fireproof materials that meet local fire codes are to be used in exhibits. The local fire marshal shall have final approval of any and all materials used in the exhibit hall.
  2. No combustible decorations such as crepe paper, tissue paper, cardboard or corrugated paper shall be used at any time. All packing containers, excelsior and wrapping paper are to be removed by the Exhibitor from the exhibit floor and must not be stored under the tables or behind displays. The official show decorator will provide options for accessible storage onsite, should additional storage be needed.
  3. Storage of loose scrap materials, packing materials, etc., is not permitted unless within sealed containers.
  4. Should an Exhibitor desire to use x-ray, high-voltage, or laser equipment during the exhibition, an exchange of letters agreeing to parameters and procedures will be required between the Association and the Exhibitor prior to approval being granted.
  5. All individuals associated with installation and dismantling procedures must wear closed-toe shoes and appropriate safety equipment.


  1. Exhibitors will ensure that all of their representatives are fully cognizant of and abide by the Association Exhibit Guidelines.
  2. The IADR requires that each exhibitor open its Exhibit on time each day and that all Exhibits be staffed throughout the show hours.
  3. Consumption of or serving alcoholic beverages is not permitted in the exhibition/poster hall. 
  4. Contests, lotteries, raffles, games of chance, and display or promotion of special discount offers are strictly prohibited. Such activities reflect unfavorably on the character of the meeting.
  5. Exhibitors will have access to the hall one hour before and one hour after exhibit hours each day. This time is allowed for exhibitors to restock and organize their display area for show hours. For security reasons, the exhibit hall is not intended for use as a private meeting area when the hall is closed.
  6. Children are not allowed access to the exhibition hall, poster presentations or the oral session meeting rooms. If you need assistance with arranging daycare, please contact the Meetings Department at   
  7. Early dismantle is prohibited. A penalty fee in the amount of 25% of non-member booth rate will be applied to those who dismantle and depart prior to show close.