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The Group was founded in 2000 and was previously known as the Dental Anaesthesiology Research group (DAR), becoming the Dental Anaesthesiology and Special Care Research group (DASCR) in 2020. This extension arose from the synergy across both fields of research and their increasingly obvious clinical alignment. DASCR therefore aims to promote research in the two separate and often overlapping fields of Dental Anaesthesiology and Special Care Dentistry.

Regarding Dental Anaesthesiology, we focus on research in:

    • Local anesthesia: anatomy, pharmacology, and therapy. 
    • Sedation: general anesthesia, deep sedation, moderate and minimal sedation. 
    • Pain management: acute and chronic orofacial pain, orofacial cancerous pain and synalgia.

Further interests include:

    • Intravenous and inhalational sedation.
    • Sedation in hospital and ambulatory environments.
    • Sedation for all dental procedures, including oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, and general dentistry. 

Regarding Special Care Dentistry, we focus on research in: 

    •  Basic scientific research in Special Care dentistry (SCD). 
    • Clinical scientific research in Special Care dentistry (SCD). 
DASCR defines Special Care Dentistry research as the field of dental research concerning those individuals with an activity restriction, a health condition and/or a disability that directly or indirectly affects their oral health, within the personal and environmental context of that individual. This population may include patients of all ages, medically compromised patients, persons with disabilities, mental illness, prison populations, refugees, homeless persons, persons with dental anxiety.

Further interests include:

    • Studies of non-pharmacological behaviour support / anxiolysis involving population(s) defined above
    • Epidemiological studies involving population(s) defined above
    • Intervention studies involving population(s) defined above 
    • Other research, such as qualitative, involving population defined above