By joining, you can become involved in research initiatives with a focus on:

  1. Stimulation, promotion and fostering research on oral health inequalities
  2. Interdisciplinary research collaboration among those with an interest in oral health inequalities in research institutions, schools and other centers
  3. Foster an environment where mentoring junior faculty and students at all levels of training in terms of career development and research focus is prioritized
  4. Developing global collaborations and centers of research through IADRs support
  5. Achieving GOHIRN’s goals including:
    1. Encouraging programs of excellence in global oral health sciences and international health within universities and other appropriate institutions, not confined to dental schools.
    2. Encouraging capacity-building initiatives in global oral health research.
    3. Pursuit of an implementation agenda, and a solution based approach.

If you are a student, GOHIRN also offers you unique opportunities to make presentations at the IADR meetings.


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