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What is the AMER?

AMER stands for the Africa/Middle East Region of the International Association for Dental Research. AMER is a subsidiary of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). The IADR is organized into five Regions (Africa/Middle East; Asia/Pacific; Latin American; North American and Pan European) for purposes of more effective and efficient delivery of IADR Member Services. IADR is an international nonprofit association.


The following 15 IADR Divisions/Sections constitute the AMER:

     East & Southern Africa Division

     Egyptian Section

     Iranian Division

     Iraqi Division

     Jordanian Section

     Kuwaiti Division

     Lebanese Section

     Libyan Section

     Nigerian Division

     Saudi Arabian Division

     South African Division

     Sudanese Section 

     Syrian Section

     Tunisian Section

     United Arab Emirates Section




What is the objective of the AMER?

The objective of the AMER is to promote research in all aspects of oral and related sciences, by encouraging development of improved methods for the prevention and treatment of oral and dental diseases, by improving the oral health of the public through research, and by facilitating the cooperating among investigators and the communication or research findings and their implications throughout the Association.

What are the activities of the AMER?

  • Promote health in general and oral health in particular by the dissemination of relevant knowledge and scientific information;
  • Serve as a platform for networking, exchange of information and experiences for all oral health researchers in Africa and the Middle East;
  • Advocate for the support and financing of appropriate research funding in oral health;
  • Encourage oral health research through stipends, awards, etc.;
  • Provide research training to young researchers;
  • Collect funding (membership fee, meeting registration, company sponsoring, etc.) to be used for the direct implementation of the primary objectives of the association;
  • Organize African and Middle Eastern oral health scientific meetings (biannual AMER meetings); and
  • Contribute to the International Association (IADR) at-large.


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AMER Board Members


Regional Board Member, Chair:

Deema Al Shammery




Latifa Berrezouga




Ahmed Bhayat