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The purpose of the IADR John Clarkson Fellowship is to allow investigators to obtain training and experience in dental public health at a center of excellence. The Fellow will receive funding for accommodation, subsistence, and travel (up to $15,000) following approval.


Applications are accepted from post doctoral investigators for a sponsored Fellowship in Dental Public Health. It is intended that the fellow will spend up to six months at a research facility outside his/her institution and/or country studying aspects of public dental health of relevance to his/her country. The subject of public dental health is intended in its broadest context, i.e., health services research, epidemiology, prevention, diagnostics, health promotion, etc. The Fellowship is in honor of John Clarkson, who served as Executive Director of IADR/AADR from 1990-97. This Fellowship is awarded every two years. 



The candidate must:

  • Hold a degree in dentistry or in a scientific discipline (dental, masters, or PhD).
  • Be a member of IADR and actively engaged in research in dental public health.

Research Topic: Public Dental Health


How to Apply:

Applications should be made individually and should include the following details:

  1. Name, address, current place of work, and position;
  2. IADR Division/Section membership;
  3. full curriculum vitae and reprints of three relevant publications;
  4. references from two recognized scientists and the principal Dean/Chair of the institution where the applicant is employed]; and
  5. an outline by the applicant describing how his/her experience and interests qualify him/her as a candidate for the Fellowship (no more than 3 single-spaced pages), including:
    • detailed description of the subject areas to be covered in the training program,
    • practical use to which the training acquired would be put,
    • proposed duration and dates of the Fellowship,
    • institutes and country it is proposed to visit,
    • reasons for selection of particular institutes(s),
    • previous Fellowships/awards, and
    • detailed budget for program.


The Fellowship may begin following the announcement of the successful Fellow and should be completed within 18 months. The Fellow will be responsible for organizing the Fellowship program. This will include contacting the institution where the training is to take place, confirming the institution's agreement to accepting the Fellow(s), and making all the necessary on-site arrangements. A statement will be obtained from responsible individual(s) at the host institution that they are willing to accept the Fellow and willing to bear any research or laboratory costs involved. The Fellow will confirm these arrangements with IADR Global Headquarters prior to receiving any funding.



On completion of the training program, the Fellow will provide a report to his/her IADR Division/Section and the IADR Global Headquarters.



Anthony Jones
Awards, Fellowships and Grants Coordinator



The Fellowship is funded by a generous donation from the IADR Institutional Section and individual members. The Fellow will receive funding for accommodation, subsistence, and travel (up to $15,000) following approval.

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