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Deadline: January 17, 2022

The IADR is inviting applications from young investigators who have submitted an abstract which has a preventive component for a travel award to support their attendance at the IADR General Session. The objective of this award program is to encourage young investigators to undertake research in the prevention of oral diseases and to facilitate their presentation of this work to the international dental and oral health research community.


  • Young investigators (up to five years  post-graduation from dental, dental hygiene, specialty training, or pre-PhD) are eligible to apply for a travel award. (No persons having already obtained a PhD are eligible to apply.)
  • Entrants must provide a verification letter of their educational status.
  • In addition, entrants can only receive an IADR Colgate Research in Prevention Travel Award once
  • Applicants MUST be IADR members.


  • To apply you must select the IADR Colgate Research in Prevention Travel Awards when submitting your abstract for the IADR General Session & Exhibition.
  • Fill out the eligibility requirements.
  • Applicants MUST be members of the IADR (including student members) at the time of abstract deadline.
  • Applicants must also submit a separate and more detailed overview of their projects (2 pages, double-spaced).
  • This overview must include brief details of their material and methods, the results of the research including details of statistical analysis, and a brief discussion including how the research will affect the prevention of the condition stated.


Research Topic:

Submissions must represent original research in the area of disease prevention (for example caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, xerostomia, oral cancer, and any other oral disease or condition). Applications that have as their focus prevention of systemic disease where oral disease is a significant potential contributory factor will also be considered.

In addition to research on various preventive agents, the Committee will consider submissions that focus on preventive programs, demonstration projects, or community programs, providing that outcomes are measured and reported and that the applicant can clearly articulate the benefits of their work in terms of prevention of disease in their overview.



Six (6) awards will be granted—one person from each of the following IADR regions:

  • North America (Canada, United States, and Mexico),
  • Latin America,
  • Europe (including Israel),
  • Africa/Middle East, and
  • Asian/Pacific region (including the Indian sub-continent, Asia, China, Australia/New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, excluding Hawaii and Guam).
  • The sixth award will be made to the next most worthy applicant from any part of the world. In the event that there are no suitable applications from one or more of the geographic regions outlines above, the “extra” awards will be divided between the applicants on the basis of merit and regional distribution.

The winner of each award will receive US $2,000 for expenses to attend the IADR General Session & Exhibition.

Award Policies and Conditions:

IADR shall be responsible for establishing and enforcing all rules and regulations concerning the granting of Award and complying with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Successful applicants/institutions will be required to sign a Letter of Agreement and Acceptance concerning the conditions and policies under which the grant is awarded prior to receipt of the Award.



All abstracts submitted for the IADR General Session are subject to peer review within the scientific groups of the IADR. Once the abstracts which are the basis of an application for a travel award have been accepted for presentation, they will be grouped into the regional categories outlined above and subject to an adjudication process. The awards committee for this process will be the IADR Awards Review Committee. The Committee’s decision will be made after the abstract deadline, and winners will be notified before the General Session. If selected for the award, the paper must be presented at the meeting (no presenter substitutions allowed). The award cannot be deferred until a future meeting.



The Award is supported by a generous donation from the Colgate-Palmolive Company.



Anthony Jones
Awards, Fellowships and Grants Coordinator