This annual award recognizes the best papers published in the Journal of Dental Research for the period of July 1 through June 30 preceding the IADR General Session. One paper is selected in each category: Clinical, Biological, and Biomaterials & Bioengineering.

Biological Research

J.R. Shaffer, X. Wang, E. Feingold, M. Lee, F. Begum, D.E. Weeks, K.T. Cuenco, M.M. Barmada, S.K. Wendell, D.R. Crosslin, C.C. Laurie, K.F. Doheny, E.W. Pugh, Q. Zhang, B. Feenstra, F. Geller, H.A. Boyd, H. Zhang, M. Melbye, J.C. Murray, R. J. Weyant, R. Crout, D.W. McNeil, S.M. Levy, M.C. Willing, B. Broffitt, A.R. Vieira, and M.L. Marazita

For the paper Genome-wide Association Scan for Childhood Caries Implicates Novel Genes,” J Dent Res 90: 1457-1462.


Biomaterials & Bioengineering Research

L. Cheng, K. Zhang, M.A.S Melo, M.D. Weir, X. Zhou, and H.H.K. Xu

For the paper Anti-biofilm Dentin Primer with Quaternary Ammonium and Silver Nanoparticles,” J Dent Res 91: 598-604.

Clinical Research

C.F. Poh, Y. Zhu, E. Chen, K.W. Berean, L. Wu, L. Zhang, and M.P. Rosin

For the paper Unique FISH Patterns Associated with Cancer Progression of Oral Dysplasia,” J Dent Res 91: 52-57.