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The Innovation in Oral Care Awards (“Award(s)”) are jointly sponsored by IADR and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), with funding provided exclusively by GSK. The IADR mission is to drive dental, oral and craniofacial research to advance health and well-being worldwide. It does so through its Divisions and Sections as well as in partnership with international dental associations, industry, health agencies, and scientific and educational professional organizations. These innovation awards offer opportunities for investigators to conduct dental research that will have a direct impact on the oral health of the public.


Catherine Ovitt

University of Rochester, New York, USA, and co-investigator Vyacheslan Korshunov

Localized Delivery of Amifostine to Enhance Salivary Gland Radioprotection


Nicholas Jakubovics

Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, UK, and co-investigators Michael Hall, Philip Preshaw and Grant Burgess

Control of Oral Biofilms using a Natural Marine Microbial Enzyme


H.M.H.N. Bandara

University of Queensland, Australia, and co-investigators Lakshman Samaranayake and Hugh David Charles Smyth

Novel Quorum Sensing-based Liposomal Drug Delivery Against Oral Candida Biofilms

IADR Innovation in Oral Care Awards - Interview with previous winners to mark 15 years since the award supported by GSK was started.

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