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AADOCR/IADR Journal of Dental Research Cover of the Year


Beginning in 2006, the Cover of the Year Award is voted on by the Publications Committee, who reviews the previous year’s Journal of Dental Research cover.  

The winning cover must be an aesthetically pleasing, scientifically novel image that enhances the impact of the article.  


The award is the framed JDR cover presented at Opening Ceremonies. The award is voted on by the Publications Committee. 



Anthony Jones; Awards, Fellowships and Grants Coordinator at

December 2019 Cover

A. Oyelakin, E.A.C. Song, S. Min, J.E. Bard, J.V. Kann, E. Horeth, K. Smalley, J.M. Kramer, S. Sinha, and R.A. Romano,

“Transcriptomic and Single-Cell Analysis of the Murine Parotid Gland,” J Dent Res 98(13): 1539-1547.

March 2018 Cover

E. Couve, M. Lovera, K. Suzuki and O. Schmachtenberg,

“Schwann Cell Phenotype Changes in Aging Human Dental Pulp” J Dent Res 97(3): 347-355.

June 2017 Cover

J.S. Song, K. Takimoto, M. Jeon, J. Vadakekalam, N.B. Ruparel, A. Diogenes,

“Decellularized Human Dental Pulp as a Scaffold for Regenerative Endodontics,” J Dent Res 96(6): 640-646.

July 2016 Cover

M. Kwak, N. Alston and S. Ghazizadeh,

“Identification of Stem Cells in the Secretory Complex of Salivary Glands,” J Dent Res 95(7): 776-783.

December 2015 Cover

Y. Jing, X. Zhou, X. Han, J. Jing, K. von der Mark, J. Wang, B. de Crombrugghe, R.J. Hinton, and J.Q. Feng,

“Chondrocytes Directly Transform into Bone Cells in Mandibular Condyle Growth,” J Dent Res 94: 1668-1675.

August 2014 Cover

E. Couve, R. Osorio and O. Schmachtenberg,

“Reactionary Dentinogenesis and Neuroimmune Response in Dental Caries,” J Dent Res 93: 788-793.

April 2013 Cover

H. Ikeda and H. Suda,

“Odontoblastic Syncytium through Electrical Coupling in the Human Dental Pulp,” J Dent Res 92: 371-375.

June 2012 Cover

P. Caufield, Y. Li and T.G. Bromage,

“Hypoplasia-associated Severe Early Childhood Caries – A Proposed Definition,” J Dent Res 91: 544-550.

September 2011 Cover

J. Harunaga, J.C. Hsu, K.M. Yamada,

“Dynamics of Salivary Gland Morphogenesis,” J Dent Res 90: 1070-1077.

February 2010 Cover

C. Lang, M. Böttner, C. Holz, M. Veen, M. Ryser, A. Reindl, M. Pompejus, and J.M. Tanzer,

“Specific Lactobacillus/Mutans Streptococcus Co-aggregation,” J Dent Res 89: 175-179.

June 2009 Cover

B. Chen, E. Goodman, Z. Lu, A. Bandyopadhyay, C. Magraw, T. He and S. Raghavan,

“Function of β Integrin in Oral Epithelia and Tooth Bud Morphogenesis,” J Dent Res, 88:539-544.

July 2008 Cover

C. E. Semino,

“Self-assembling Peptides: From Bio-inspired Materials to Bone Regeneration, J Dent Res 87(7): 600-616, 2008.

September 2007 Cover

J.F. Schindler, J.B. Monahan, and W.G. Smith, “

p38 Pathway Kinases as Anti-inflammatory Drug Targets,” J Dent Res 86: 800-811.

May 2006 Cover

B. Hu, F. Unda, S. Bopp-Kuchler, L. Jimenez, X.J. Wang, Y. Haikel, .SL. Wang , and H. Lesot,

“Bone Marrow Cells Can Give Rise to Ameloblast-like Cells,” J Dent Res 85: 416-421

November 2005 Cover

C. Du, G.B. Schneider, R. Zaharias, C. Abbott, D. Seabold, C. Stanford, and J. Moradian-Oldak,

“Apatite/Amelogenin Coating on Titanium Promotes Osteogenic Gene Expression,” J Dent Res 84(11): 1070-1074.