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This research award, sponsored by The International Academy of Periodontology (IAP) and BIOGAIA offered through the IADR Periodontal Research Group (PRG), was established in recognition of Dr. Ricardo Teles contributions to Clinical Periodontal Research.

This award recognizes a Clinical Research Paper accepted for publication or published during the preceding year. One paper reporting the results of a clinical study will be selected in one of the following categories: onset, progression and treatment of periodontal diseases.

Deadline: February 14, 2021


  • The award committee will accept self-nominations or nominations by others.
  • The person submitting the application has to indicate one senior/first/last/corresponding author for the submitted study.
  • The paper should be accompanied by a brief letter describing why it is deemed worthy of the award.
  • Nominations are invited from the IADR PRG members and should be submitted electronically to the PRG (Magda Feres, & Alp Kantarci,


The author indicated during the submission process must be full member of the IADR PRG and of IAP at the time of application.



  • The award consists of a cash prize of $3,000 USD and a recognition plaque.
  • The award will be presented during the annual business meeting of the PRG at the IADR General Session & Exhibition.
  • The senior/first/last/corresponding author is the recipient of the plaque and check, but all of the authors will be recognized in the plaque.
  • The senior/first/last/corresponding author for the manuscript selected for the award should be present at the appropriate IADR General Session to accept the award. If this is not possible, someone should be designated to accept the award on their behalf.



  • The committee would comprise the following PRG and IAP full members: Magda Feres, Alp Kantarci, Flavia Teles, Hattice Hasturk; both PRG and IAP Presidents and one member from each organization appointed by the respective Presidents.”
  • The main judging criteria will be relevance/importance of the clinical research for improving the knowledge about periodontal disease etiology, pathogenesis and treatment.
  • No panel member should have a conflict of interest in the participating projects.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail within a month of the IADR meeting.
  • Any applicant not receiving notification up to the IADR meeting should assume they have been unsuccessful on that occasion.
  • The decision of the panel will be final and not open to appeal.
  • The winner will be the proposal with the highest total rank score of the seven judges
  • The PRG reserves the right to withhold an award.



For further information concerning this award, please contact:

Prof. Magda Feres
Dean for Dental Research and Graduate Education
Full-time Researcher and Professor, Periodontal Department 
Guarulhos University, Guarulhos, SP, Brazil
Phone: + 55 11 98579-2332

Prof. Alp Kantarci
Associate Member of the Staff
Forsyth Institute, Boston, MA, USA
Phone: + 1 617.262.5200


Past Recipients

2021: Castro Dos Santos NC, Andere NMRB, Araujo CF, de Marco AC, Kantarci A, Van Dyke TE, Santamaria MP
Omega-3 PUFA and aspirin as adjuncts to periodontal debridement in patients with periodontitis and type 2 diabetes mellitus: Randomized clinical trial

2020:  George Papantonopoulos, Chryssa DelatolaI, Keiso Takahashi, Marja L. Laine, Bruno G. Loos, ACTA Netherlands, Publication: "Hidden noise in immunologic parameters might explain rapid progression in early-onset periodontitis, Journal of Clinical Periodontology".

2019: Niki Moutsopoulos, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, Bethesda, USA