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Deadline: January 17, 2022


Correction of severe skeletal discrepancies during Orthodontics and Orthopedic treatment is a major challenge in any orthodontic practice. Clinicians and researchers need to work together to explore new ways to modify or harness growth, expanding the limits of Orthopedic corrections. The Growth and Development Research Award purpose it to acknowledge excellence in Growth and Development and Craniofacial Orthopedics Research conducted by researchers and/or clinicians at any level of their career, as demonstrated by their abstract, supplemental information and research poster presentation at the 99th IADR General Annual Session & Exhibition a virtual experience.


This new Growth and Development Research Award will be presented by the IADR Orthodontics Research Group at the 98th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR in Chengdu, China.  The award competition is open to Orthodontics innovators at all levels – faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, dental residents, and dental students.

To be eligible for the award, applicants must: (1) submit their abstract online to the  Orthodontics Research Group through the IADR abstract submission portal by the established  deadline, (2) submit the required supplemental materials directly to the specified Orthodontic Research Group officer by the abstract deadline* (details below), and must (3) be a current member of both the IADR and Orthodontic Research Group at the time of submission. 

*The IADR reserves the right to extend the abstract submission period.  If an extension is issued for abstract submissions, the Orthodontic Research group will use the new submission deadline as the final date to submit award materials to the competition.

Five finalists will be chosen from among the applicant pool based on the contents of their abstract and supplemental information.  The finalists will be selected by a selection panel comprised of the executive officers and directors of the IADR Orthodontics Research Group.  Finalists will present their research and complete for the award in a poster format on first day of the IADR meeting a virtual experience

The winner will be awarded $700 USD and a certificate of award.

This new award program will require a minimum of three applicants for the competition to take place. Applicants may only apply to one competition sponsored by the Orthodontics Research Group.

The following individuals are NOT eligible to apply to this competition (but may be listed as co-authors involved in the research): 1) Current officers of the IADR Orthodontics Research Group and/or 2) previous award winners of this awards program.

Application Process:

Applicants must submit their abstract to the IADR General Session & Exhibition using standard abstract submission process, and the submission must adhere to the normal IADR abstract format. Please visit for more information.

Applicants will need to check the box on the IADR online abstract application to specifically apply for this award.  Please do not forget this step when you submit your abstract for the 2021 IADR/APR General Session. 

In addition to abstract submission on the IADR website, applicants must email the following 3 documents to the Immediate-Past President of the IADR Orthodontics Research Group on or before the abstract deadline:

Dr. Mani Alikhani

  1. A one-page biography or CV containing the following information: name, date of birth, undergraduate and postgraduate studies completed, the name of your primary research mentor for the submitted work, and a list of your research publications.
  2. A one-page recommendation letter written by your primary research mentor (or the head of the research core/center at the applicant’s school or university, i.e., an Associate Dean of Research).
  3. A detailed project report written by the applicant (maximum 4 double-spaced pages) with the following 6 sections:
Section 1.   Abstract (same as submitted through the IADR website);
Section 2.   Introduction: including a literature review, rationale/hypothesis, and concise aim statement
Section 3.  Methodology
Section 4.  Results: main findings, statistical data
Section 5.  Conclusions: including comments on the impact/innovation concerning clinical and/or translational sciences within the IADR Orthodontic Research Group Research scope
Section 6: Bibliographic references. 


Judging Rules/Principles and Criteria

The finalist selection panel will select a maximum of 5 candidates for the poster main competition based on the following:

Clarity of presentation, scientific strength, relevance, and potential impact.
Data presented should be original and unpublished.
Candidates selected to compete on site will be informed 1- 2 months before the 98th IADR General Annual Session & Exhibition.

The selection of onsite judges and oversight of the onsite judging process will be coordinated by the Immediate President of the Orthodontics Research Group, Dr Mani Alikhani: (with assistance from the Orthodontics Research Group Directors). 

CRITERIA for judging and rating the finalists will include:

  • Innovation in the field of Growth and Development and Craniofacial Orthopedics research;
  • Impact in the clinical practice of Craniofacial Orthopedics and Orthodontic correction of growing and non-growing patients; 
  • Quality of research design; and
  • Quality and clarity of presentation.

Applicants are required to present their findings twice: 1) during a designated Award competition session to the judging panel in the form of a poster presentation, and 2) during a regular session (General Session or Exhibit Hall) in the form of an oral or poster presentation, depending on the acceptance of the abstract for either oral or poster presentation. If the abstract is accepted as a poster, the same poster should be used for both presentations in the poster format recommended at

Award Presentation

All finalists will be invited to attend the IADR Orthodontics Research Group business meeting during the IADR General Session, at which the winner will be announced, and the award certificate received. The cash portion of the award will be issued at a later date (usually 3-4 weeks after the meeting). The remaining finalists will receive a Certificate of Excellence.