The name of this organization shall be the CRANIOFACIAL BIOLOGY GROUP OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR DENTAL RESEARCH. The Craniofacial Biology Group of the International Association for Dental Research herein will be identified as CFBG. The International Association for Dental Research herein will be identified as the IADR.




In addition to the objects of the IADR, the further objects of the Section Chapter CFBG shall be:

1. To provide a forum for the exchange of information in Craniofacial Biology.

2. To provide recognition for research in Craniofacial Biology.

3. To promote cooperation in research on Craniofacial Biology among the dental profession, schools, industry and governmental agencies, with the aim of maximizing effort to deliver care to the public.




Section 1. Eligibility

Any individual shall be eligible for membership who is interested in research in craniofacial biology and conforms to recognized standards of professional ethics.

Section 2. Types

A. Active members.

B. Student members

C. Affiliate members.

D. Life members.

Section 3. Election

A. Active members

Candidates who are active members of the IADR may become Active members of the CFBG upon their written application to the Secretary-Treasurer. Membership shall become final upon verification of membership in the IADR and payment of CFBG and IADR dues.

B. Student members

Candidates who are student members of the IADR may become student members of the CFBG upon their written application to the Secretary-Treasurer. Student members are not required to pay CFBG dues.

C. Affiliate members

Eligible candidates shall make written application. Upon approval by the Secretary-Treasuer and payment of CFBG dues the candidate shall become an affiliate member.

D. Life members

Any person who has attained the age of 65 and has been an active member of the CFBG in good standing for at least 20 years is eligible for life membership. Any eligible member may request life membership upon written application to the Secretary. Membership shall become final upon written approval by the Secretary.

Section 4. Discontinuance

A. A member may terminate his membership by formal notice to the Secretary-Tresurer of the CFBG.

B. Membership may be discontinued by a two thirds vote of the members present and voting at the annual CFBG business meeting, followed by notice of the member from the Secretary that his membership has been terminated. A person whose membership is thus discontinued may appeal the action at the next subsequent annual business meeting.

C. Membership may be discontinued for failure to pay dues.




Section I

There shall be a governing body known as the Executive Committee of the CFBG and shall consist of

A. The officers of the CFBG.

Section 2.

The Executive Committee shall represent the delegated powers of the CFBG. It shall transact all business of the CFBG not otherwise provided for. All proceedings of the Executive Committee and all other CFBG committees shall be conducted according to Sturgis' Rules of Order.




Section 1.

The officers of the CFBG shall be President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Immediate Past-President, Secretary-Treasurer, IADR Councilor, and six elected Directors. They shall also serve as officers of the Executive Committee.

Section 2.

The officers and other members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by majority vote of the members and shall serve until their successors are elected and installed for one year. Directors shall serve three year terms and may not succeed themselves. The Secretary-Treasurer shall serve for three years and may succeed himself/herself in office. The Vice-President shall be elected annually for a four year cycle that will include approximately one year in each of the following offices successively: Vice-President, President-Elect, President, Immediate Past-President.



Section 1.

The annual dues for active and associate members in the CFBG shall be determined as follows:

A. Recommended by an Ad Hoc Committee consisting of three Active members, one of the three to be the Secretary-Treasurer, the other two appointed by the President.

B. Approved by the Executive Committee.

C. Ratified by at least a two thirds vote of the members attending the annual business meeting.

D. In the event that the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee are not approved by the Executive Committee and/or ratified by the necessary vote of the membership, the annual dues shall remain at the current assessed rate.

Section 2.

The annual dues for life members in the CFBG shall be cancelled.




Section 1.

The CFBG shall hold an annual meeting coincident with that of the IADR and shall provide its own program as part of the 1ADR general meeting.

Section 2.

Special meetings of the CFBG may be held at a time and place decided upon by the membership or the Executive Committee.