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The Oral Health Research Group (OHRG) is one of the Scientific Group/Network in the International Association for Dental Research.

OHRG is committed to the promotion of oral health through support of research in the areas of prevention, evidence-based activities, and therapies that promote oral-health. Abstracts submitted to this group include research on:

  • Oral health-care products and devices,
  • Disease prevention,
  • Epidemiological studies related to oral health,
  • Utilization of and access to dental care,
  • Alternative oral health therapies, and
  • Breath odor research, and other areas.

OHRG provides a home to a broad base of oral health-related research professionals and is open to all members of IADR. We encourage student members to join our group. Members are encouraged to share their expertise, their research findings, and to collaboratively learn from one another with the goal of advancing the science of oral disease prevention and the promotion of oral health.

We promote oral health research through a variety of activities, including:

  • Organizing scientific poster presentations,
  • Designing and/or supporting meeting symposia and workshops,
  • Encouraging group members to submit and conduct "Lunch and Learns" at the IADR meetings.

We also collaborate with other Scientific Groups to co-sponsor symposia, workshops, and oral presentations; organize a business meeting and conduct social networking events at IADR meetings; recognize outstanding contributions to oral health research through awards programs; work with the IADR to coordinate membership communications.

OHRG Officers

Group Awards And Recipients