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Current Officers

The members of the Oral Medicine & Pathology Group (OMPG) have scholarly interests that include basic  science research, translational research and clinical research. A broad range of topics comes under this  Group including microbiome and orofacial diseases, precision oncology and its role in potentially malignant oral diseases and conditions, oral and head and neck cancers, immune mediated and autoimmune mucosal disease, diseases of the salivary glands, bones and orofacial soft  tissues, orofacial manifestations of HIV/AIDS and new approaches in the management of orofacial diseases in clinical practice. 

The scientific achievements of OMPG members are presented in IADR/AADR scientific sessions, organized by  the OMPG program chair, that include oral sessions, poster sessions, symposia, lunch & learning sessions  and workshops. OMPG funds have supported the AADR student research fellowship program and  numerous scientific symposia. The Group is currently developing a funding program to support trainees  working with OMPG members to travel to the annual IADR General Session.