Women in Dental Science is a Network that aims to serve the need for promoting the interests of women, communication, research collaboration, and career mentoring among -­ but not restricted to ­- female members of the AADR/IADR.

The goals of this network are to:

  1. Examine and highlight issues related to women professionals such as evidence on policies and benefits (including childcare, tenure clock with child birth/adoption, recruitment, salary etc) available to women in dental academia, leadership skill building for women, and oral health issues related to women;

  2. Promote and encourage collaboration in research focused on women’s oral health;

  3. Promote interdisciplinary research collaboration among women in different schools and/or centers;

  4. Provide mentoring to junior women faculty and students at all level of training in term of career development and research focus;

  5. Review data from AADR/IADR on membership of committees and programs and encourage appropriate representation of women;

  6. Generate surveys and analyze data related to women in science, providing perspectives from the dental science community.

Proposed governance structure

The network will be governed by a Governing Committee, which will consist of a Chair and four members. The chair and members of the committee will be elected by the network members for terms of three years. The initial committee members’ terms will be staggered to ensure some continuity over time. The Chair will serve for one year and will be elected by members of the committee.