The IADR, AADOCR, and all Group/Network Communities will not be accessible from October 18-21, 2021 as IADR goes through site improvements. Thank you for your understanding. 

Future Meetings

March 23-26, 2022

AADOCR/CADR Annual Meeting & Exhibition

Atlanta, Georgia, USA 

JUNE 22-25, 2022

IADR/APR General Session & Exhibition

Chengdu, China
March 15-18, 2023

IADR/AADOCR/CADR General Session & Exhibition

Portland, Oregon, USA  


Past Meetings

View recordings of past meetings in the IADR/AADR CE On Demand, read past abstracts in our meeting archive and more. 

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Other Dental Meetings

View some of the many non-IADR dental meetings that are happening worldwide. 

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