The On Demand Sessions From the 2020 IADR/AADR/CADR General Session are:


Cancer Control in the 21st Century
Otis Brawley
Distinguished Professor of Oncology and Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University

Sex and Gender Influences Across the Biomedical and Dental Research Continuum: A Value Added Proposition
Janine Clayton
NIH Associate Director for Research on Women’s Health and Director of the Office of Women's Health


Artificial Intelligence in Research
Speaker: John Laird - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

Stephen C. Bayne - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
Mohammad F. Walji - University of Texas, Houston Health Science Center, USA
Sunil Kapila - University of California, San Francisco, USA

Genetic Insights Into Diagnostics and Therapeutics in the 21st Century
Jeff Murray - University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA

Peter Mossey - University of Dundee, Scotland
Lorri Morford - University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA
Mary Marazita - University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Rena D'Souza - University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA
Azeez Butali - University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA


100 Years Learning From Research: GV Black to CariesCare International  
 Stefania Martignon; Nigel Pitts
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Cariology Research; Network for Practice -based Research
Keywords: Dental caries prevention and control; Patient-Centered Care; Evidence-Based Practice; Practice Guideline; Outcome Assessment; Health Care

Introduction to 100 Years Learning From Research: GV Black to CariesCare International    -    Nigel Pitts
1st D: DETERMINE Caries-risk; How Did We Arrive to Two Caries-risk Levels?    -    Svante Twetman
2nd D: DETECT & ASSESS lesions; Why Merging ICDAS Caries Codes Into Three Categories?    -    Stefania Martignon
3rd D: DECIDE a Personalized Care Plan; What is the Patient’s Perspective and Why is it Relevant?    -    Jonathan Newton
4th D: DO Preventive and Tooth-preserving Care; How to Manage in the Clinic the Individual Risk and Caries Lesions for Long-term Results?    -    Justine Kolker

100 Years of Salivary Research
Organizer: Stefan Ruhl, Isabelle Lombaert
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Salivary Research
Keywords: Saliva; salivary glands; salivary secretion; salivary proteins; history

Introduction to 100 Years of Salivary Research    -    Stefan Ruhl
History and Current State of Salivary Gland Diagnosis and Therapy    -    Bruce Baum
100 Years of Salivation: Physiology, Pathology, and Therapy of Salivary Secretion    -    Colin Dawes
From Early Discoveries of Salivary Proteins to the Salivary Proteome    -    Frank Oppenheim
Current State of the Art in Salivary Research and Future Challenges    -    Isabelle Lombaert

3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing for Oral Tissue Regeneration
Organizer: Sašo Ivanovski, P. Mark Bartold
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Periodontal Research; Implantology Research
Keywords: 3D printing; Additive manufacturing; Regenerative dentistry; Growth Factors; Biomaterials

3D Printing for Bone Regeneration: Translational Research    -    Jamil Shibli
Additive Manufactured Constructs for Periodontal Regeneration    -    Sašo Ivanovski
Biomimetic ECM-derived Bioinks for 3D bioprinting applications in regenerative dentistry    -    Avathamsa Athirasala

A Century of Craniofacial Growth Research
Organizer: Richard Sherwood, Ryan Knigge, Anna Hardin
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Craniofacial Biology Research; Orthodontics Research; Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Research
Keywords: Craniofacial Growth; Imaging; Longitudinal Modeling

Introduction    -    Ryan Knigge
From Increments to Bayesian Inference: A Century of Craniofacial Growth Modeling    -    Richard Sherwood
Lessons and Future Clinical Directions Based on 100 Years of Craniofacial Research    -    Carla Evans
The Evolution of Craniofacial Imaging and its Impact in Orthodontics    -    Manish Valiathan

Areca Nut and Oral Cancer
Organizer: John Greenspan, Saman Warnakulasuriya
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Oral Medicine & Pathology; e-Oral Health Network; Global Oral Health Inequalities Research Network
Keywords: Oral cancer; oral submucous fibrosis; disease causation; prevention; cessation

Global Prevalence of Areca Nut Use; Social and Demographic Attributes    -    Neal Palafox
Evidence on Oral Cancer Causation by Areca Nut    -    Saman Warnakulasuriya
Areca Nut Chewing and Oral Submucous Fibrosis-Detection and Management    -    Alexander Kerr
Lessons from Culturally Orientated Areca Nut-Cessation Models Conducted in Asian-Pacific Countries    -    Yi-Hsin Yang

Does Nutritional Path Link Oral Health and Frailty?
Organizer: Gerald McKenna, Faisal Hakeem, Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez, Luisa Helena do Nascimento Torres
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Geriatric Oral Research
Keywords: Frailty; Nutrition; Older persons; Number of teeth; Dental prostheses.

The Association Between Oral Health and Frailty: Cross-sectional Reports    -    Luisa Helena do Nascimento Torres
The Association Between Oral Health and Frailty: Prospective Reports    -    Faisal Hakeem
The Association Between Oral Health and Frailty: Nutritional Path    -    RC Castrejón-Pérez

Management of Elderly Dental Patients With Cognitive and Physical Dysfunctions
Organizer: Ming-Lun Hsu
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Geriatric Oral Research; Neuroscience; Oral Health Research
Keywords: Geriatrics; Mastication; Cognative dysfunction; Physical dysfunction

Harnessing Neuroplasticity for Clinical Applications in the Elderly with Cognitive and Physical Dysfunctions    -    Limor Avivi-Arber
The Protective Role of Masticatory Function in Elder Dental Patients    -    Maria Grazia Piancino
Oral and Chewing Functions for Swallowing    -    Makoto Inoue
Oral Health Literacy in Older Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities      -    Ann Spolarich

Reinventing the Roles of Scientific Groups in IADR
Organizer: Carmem Pfeifer, Marco Brotto
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Dental Materials; Microbiology/Immunology; Salivary Research
Keywords: SRG/N; Groups; Networks; Cross-Collaboration; Communication; Publishing; Symposia; Mentoring; Membership

Introduction: Reinventing the Roles of Scientific Groups in IADR    -    Carmem Pfeifer
Cross-collaboration Among IADR Groups and Embracing New Scientific Areas    -    Stephen Bayne
Enhanced Publication of Meeting Abstract Content and Symposia and Defining Future Roles of Symposia    -    Jack Ferracane
Increased Mentoring of Young and Mid-career Scientists and Roles in Increasing Membership    -    Timothy Watson

Saliva Liquid Biopsy
Organizer: David Wong
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Oral Medicine & Pathology; Salivary Research
Keywords: Liquid biopsy; Saliva; Molecular diagnostics; Risk assement ; Early detection

Integration of Saliva Liquid Biopsy into Maternal and Neonatal Care    -    Jill Maron
Saliva Liquid Biopsy: Thermo Fisher Scientific Perspectives    -    Kelli Bramlett
Saliva EFIRM Liquid Biopsy    -    Charles Strom

Time to Change Dental Education: From Evidence to Action
Organizer: Stephanie Tubert-Jeannin, Barry Quinn, Lamont MacNeil
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Education Research; Cariology Research; Nutrition Research
Keywords: Dental education; Lifelong learning; Population needs; Social contract; Dental caries

Introduction    -    Lamont MacNeil
Current Approaches to Educating Dentists: Are They Serving Population Needs?    -    Paul Allison
How to Change Dental Education to Better Address Population Needs    -    Stephanie Tubert-Jeannin
Caries Management Education to Better Develop Critical Thinking and Lifelong Learning    -    Livia Tenuta
Challenges for Change and the Future Educational Direction – A Brief Reflection    -    Barry Quinn
Questions and Answers with Presenters    -    Lamont MacNeil

Understanding Regulation of Drugs to Treat or Prevent Oral Pathology
Organizer: Athena Papas
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Geriatric Oral Research; Pharmacology/Therapeutics/Toxicology
Keywords: NDA; BLA; treatment modalities; biologics; Sjogrens

The Patient's Prespective on Drug Development    -    Katherine Hammitt
CDER Regulation of Drugs to Treat or Prevent Oral Pathology (Part 1)    -    Natalia Chalmers
CDER Regulation of Drugs to Treat or Prevent Oral Pathology (Part 2)    -    Frederick Hyman
Lessons Learned From the Development of Secretagogues for Sjogren's Syndrome    -    Frederick Vivino
Biologic Trials Used InTheTreatment Of Sjogrens    -    Athena Papas


Shape Analysis in Dental Imaging Research Using SlicerSALT  
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): 
Craniofacial Biology Research
Keywords: Morphometric Analysis; Research; Imaging