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  • Refunds due to an error by the IADR/AADR will be processed immediately and in full.
  • A $20 processing fee will be withheld from all other refunds.
  • Overpayment of $30 or less will be treated as a contribution and will not be refunded. 
  • Refunds will normally be sent in the same manner as the original payment (i.e., checks will be issued for payments by check, and credit cards will be credited for payments by credit card). If a wire transfer is requested, IADR/AADR will pass on all wire transfer fees to the recipient.
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for your refund to be processed.
  • IADR does not offer refunds for canceled memberships, according to the IADR Constitution & Bylaws
  • IADR/AADR reserves the right to review each membership for the appropriateness of the selected category, make any necessary corrections and charge your credit card the difference in membership fees.