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Salivary Research Group Award ($500): 

Award recipients must be postdoctoral fellows, graduate students or undergraduate students. 

Winners 2017: 
Manabu Manandhar, B.S. (pre-doc student)
Ryouichi Sato, DDS (PhD Student)
Taro Mukaibo, Ph.D. (post-doc)

Learn more about the SRG Award at


IADR Lion Dental Research Award: 

This award is intended to support improvements in oral health sciences through the stimulation of junior researchers. It is offered to specific IADR research groups on a rotational basis. For more details click here


Salivary Researcher of the Year

This award intends to recognize the outstanding work made in the last year prior nomination. The decision of the winner will be based on direct vote from all members of the SRG. In case of more than two nominations, the award committee will select two nominees based on the criteria described below. 

  • The award committee will evaluate the performance of the nominee in the last 12 months before the application based on:
  1. The nominee should be member of the SRG     
  2. Number of publications, chapters in book in the last year,     
  3. The place on the author list,     
  4. The impact of the journal.     
  5. Research funding 
  6. Invited presentations      
  7. Participation in conference, congress and seminars related to salivary research   

Past Recipients

Winner 1982     Irwin Mandel
Winner 1983     Bernard Tandler
Winner 1984     Patricia J. Keller
Winner 1985     Anders Bennick
Winner 1986     Donald I. Hay
Winner 1987     Leo M.  Sreebny            
Winner 1988     Bruce Baum
Winner 1989     David O. Quissell
Winner 1990     Frank G. Oppenheim
Winner 1991     Lawrence A. Tabak
Winner 1992     Michael J. Levine
Winner 1993     Murray R. Robinovitch
Winner 1994     Philip Fox
Winner 1995     Birgitte Nauntofte
Winner 1996     Arthur R. Hand
Winner 1997     Frank J. Dowd
Winner 1998     Eileen L. Watson
Winner 1999     Michael Humphreys-Beher
Winner 2000     John R. Garrett
Winner 2001     Robert S. Redman
Winner 2002     John T. Turner
Winner 2003     Paul C. Denny
Winner 2004     Arie van Nieuw Amerongen
Winner 2005     Colin Dawes
Winner 2006     David Wong
Winner 2007     James Melvin
Winner 2008     Matthew Hoffman
Winner 2009     Ibtisam Al-Hashimi
Winner 2010     Irene Messana
Winner 2011     Eva Helmerhorst
Winner 2012     Walter L. Siqueira
Winner 2013     Melinda Larsen
Winner 2014     Stefan Ruhl
Winner 2015     Catherine Ovitt
Winner 2016     Olga Baker
Winner 2017     Sarah Knox  

IADR Distinguished Scientist Award - Salivary Research:


Designed to stimulate and recognize outstanding and innovative achievements that have contributed to the basic understanding of salivary gland structure, secretion and function, or salivary composition and function. The  recipient should not be a recipient of a previous IADR Science Awards other than the Young Investigator Award. Learn more at

Past Recipients

Winner 1991       Charlotte Schneyer
Winner 1992       Michael J. Levine
Winner 1993       Bruce Baum  
Winner 1994       Irwin D. Mandel
Winner 1995       Frank G. Oppenheim
Winner 1996       Lawrence Tabak
Winner 1997       Colin Dawes
Winner 1998       Donald Hay
Winner 1999       Bernard Tandler
Winner 2000       Robert Troxler
Winner 2001       Michael G. Humphreys-Beher
Winner 2002       John Garrett
Winner 2003       Anders Bennick
Winner 2004       Jörgen Ekström
Winner 2005       David Castle
Winner 2006       R. Turner
Winner 2007       Arthur Hand
Winner 2008       James Melvin
Winner 2009       Alessandro Riva
Winner 2010       Roland Jonsson
Winner 2011       Massimo Castagnola
Winner 2012       Ammon Peck
Winner 2013       Masataka Murakami
Winner 2014       Indu Ambudkar
Winner 2015       Matthew P. Hoffman
Winner 2016       Gary Weisman