The recorded sessions from the Tobacco meeting are:

Seun Ajiboye – American Association for Dental Research

Welcome and Opening Remarks - Does Oral Health Matter?
Raul Garcia – Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine

Session I: Perspectives on Tobacco Regulatory Policy
Elizabeth Kaye – Boston University

FDA’s Plan for Tobacco Regulation and Efforts Around Oral Health
Mitch Zeller – Food and Drug Administration Center for Tobacco Products

Regulation of Tobacco Products in a Dynamically Changing Market: Protecting the Public/Oral Health from Harm and Addiction
Greg Connolly – Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Sciences and School of Law

Session II: Combusted Tobacco (Inhaled and non-inhaled) Products
Raul Garcia – Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine

Chemical Carcinogenesis of Combustible Tobacco Product Ingredients
Stephen Hecht – University of Minnesota Medical School

Effect of Combustible Tobacco Products on Mucosal Immunity
Ilona Jaspers – University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Medicine

Session III: Non-combusted Tobacco (Smokeless Tobacco)
Session Chair:
Purnima Kumar – Ohio State University

Smokeless Tobacco Products: Oral Health Effects, Flavor and Regulatory Implications
Scott L. Tomar – University of Florida College of Dentistry

Effect of Smokeless Tobacco Product Ingredients on the Oral Microbiome
Richard L. Gregory – Indiana University School of Dentistry

Smokeless Tobacco Constituents: Carcinogenicity and Variations Across Products
Irina Stepanov – University of Minnesota School of Public Health

Session IV: Novel Nicotine Delivery Systems
Christopher Fox – IADR/AADR

Novel Nicotine Delivery Systems and Their Impact on Oral Health: The Case of e-cigarettes
Pamela I. Clark – The Ohio State University College of Public Health; Marielle C. Brinkman – The Ohio State University College of Public Health

Electronic Cigarettes exacerbate the virulence potential of the subgingival microbiome
Purnima Kumar – The Ohio State University

Novel Nicotine Delivery Systems: Effects of e-cigarette Aerosol on Epithelial Cells, Oral Microbiome and Novel Research Questions on Effects of e-cigarettes on the Oral Cavity
Deepak Saxena – New York University

Session V: In Vitro Models, Standards and Experimental Methods
Deepak Saxena – New York University

E-cigarette Testing Devices and Reference Materials
Jeffrey Kim – American Dental Association Foundation Volpe Research Center 

Human-relevant In Vitro Test Systems for Evaluation of Oral Exposures
Holger Behrsing – Institute for In Vitro Sciences 

Mouse Models of Tobacco-induced Lung Disease
Terry Gordon – New York University School of Medicine 

Development of Animal Models of Oral Health Effects of Tobacco Products
Tara Aghaloo – University of California - Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 

Conference Summary and Next Steps
Christopher Fox – IADR/AADR

The Role of Dentistry in Tobacco Use Cessation
Judith S. Gordon – University of Arizona College of Nursing 

Overall Discussion 

Conference Summary and Next Steps
Raul Garcia – Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine