The Recorded sessions from Vancouver are:

7th IADR Academy: Quantitative Morphology: A Workshop on the Analysis of 3-D Imaging Data
Organizer: Joy Richman and Siddharth Vora

Welcome and Introduction - Joy Richman and Siddharth Vora
3D Craniofacial Image Registration in Dentistry for Assessment of Treatment Response Lecture - Lucia Cevidanes
The Use of Contrast-enhanced microCT and Segmentation to Visualize Dental Forming Tissues in Animal Models - Alistair Evans
Divide and Conquer: Data–driven Phenotyping of 3D Facial Surface Morphology and its Applications - Seth Weinberg
Mapping Genes to Simple and Complex Facial Shape Features in the Diversity Outbred Mouse - David Katz
The Application of Deformation-based Morphology Analysis to Measure Phenotypic Differences and Asymmetry in Both Avnimal and Clinical Research - Sara Rolfe
Application of 3D Slicer to Image Visualization, Segmentation and Analysis of MicroCT files - Murat Maga
Development of 3D Software That Promotes Web-based Remote Access and Interactions Between Investigators - Scott Lozanoff


21st Century Medicine is Transforming Healthcare
Lee Hood
Providence St. Joseph Health, Chief Science Officer, Seattle, Washington, USA

Noojimo Mikana (A Healing Path): Research as Reconciliation
Carrie Bourassa
University of Saskatchewan, Scientific Director, Canadian Institutes of Health Research Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health, Professor, Indigenous Health in the College of Medicine, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Innovative Methods of Vaccination in the Context of Infectious Disease Outbreaks
Gary Kobinger, Ph.D.
Laval University, Director, Infectious Disease Research Center, Professor, Microbiology-Infectiology and Immunology, Québec City, Québec, Canada


2020 Vision for m-Oral Health    
Rodrigo Mariño    
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): e-Oral Health Network;Pediatric Oral Health Research
Keywords: Information And Communication Technology; MHealth; Teledentistry

mOralHealth Literacy and using SMS      -      Nicolas Giraudeau
An m-OralHealth solution for epidemiological surveillance of dental trauma      -      Carlos Zaror
Use mobile technologies to improve knowledge and skill of frontline health worker      -      Faleh Tamimi
mOralHealth early detection of oral cancer in India      -      Om Kharbanda

3D-Printing in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Dentistry
Lobat Tayebi
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Implantology Research;Mineralized Tissue
Keywords: 3D-Printing; Additive Manufacturing; Tissue Engineering; Soft Tissue Regeneration; Hard Tissue Regeneration


Advances in 3-D Planning and Printing in Maxillofacial Surgery
Simon Young
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Research;Dental Materials;Craniofacial Biology Research
Keywords: Patient-Specific Implants; Virtual Surgical Planning; 3D Printed Implants; Maxillofacial Defects

The Spectrum and Complexities of Maxillofacial Defects – Impact on the Quality of Life      -      Subramoniam Balaji
Virtual Surgical Planning in the Management of Maxillofacial Pathology      -      Jonathan Shum
3D Printing Strategies for Extensive Craniofacial Reconstruction      -      Paulo Coelho

Advances in Head and Neck Cancer Immunotherapy
Simon Young
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Research;Oral Medicine & Pathology;Microbiology/Immunology
Keywords: Head And Neck Cancer; Immunotherapy; Immune Escape; Clinical Trials; Tumor; Immune; Microenvironment

How Do Oral Cancers Turn Cold?      -      Yu Lei
It's a matter of TIME: Targeting the Tumor Immune Microenvironment to enhance immunotherapy efficacy      -      Andrew Sikora
Immune modulation to enhance the effectiveness of surgery for the treatment of oral/head and neck cancer      -      Bryan Bell

Advances in Maxillofacial Tissue Engineering
Simon Young
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Research;Dental Materials;Craniofacial Biology Research
Keywords: Biomaterials; Tissue Engineering; Maxillofacial Defects; Stem Cells; Antioxidant Coatings

Efficacy of Stem Cell Tissue Engineering for Maxillofacial Regeneration and Reconstruction      -      James Melville
Scalable Antioxidant Materials for Enhanced Bone Regeneration      -      Venu Varanasi
Gingiva derived mesenchymal stem and progenitor cells for soft tissue regeneration      -      Anh Le

Aging and Oral Health: Science and Evidence for Root Caries Control
Livia Tenuta
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Cariology Research;Geriatric Oral Research
Keywords: Caries; Hyposalivation; Medication; Elderly Dentin

Root caries research: where we are and the challenges ahead      -      Carlos Gonzalez-Cabezas
Current epidemiological trends in root caries worldwide      -      Angus Walls
Pathogenesis and risk factors for root caries development      -      Rodrigo Giacaman
Evidence-based strategies for root caries control      -      Livia Tenuta

Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship-An Evolving Agenda
Wendy Thompson
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Clinical and Translational Science Network;Pharmacology/Therapeutics/Toxicology
Keywords: Anti-Bacterial Agents; Drug Resistance; Microbial Guideline; Inappropriate Prescribing; Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons

Antimicrobial stewardship tools for dental teams      -      Yvonne Dailey
Do dental hospitals require special tools?      -      Noha Seoudi
What should dentists and patients question? Choosing Wisely Canada      -      Susan Sutherland
Antibiotics don’t cure toothache: UK Toolkit      -      Wendy Thompson

Bioactive Dental Materials
Carolyn Primus
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Dental Materials;Pulp Biology & Regeneration Research
Keywords: Bioactivity; Bio-Interactivity; Tricalcium Silicate; Hydraulic Cements; Bioceramics

Calcium silicate-based materials: from laboratory characterization to clinical application      -      Maria Giovanna Gandolfi
Bioactivity of hydraulic cements for dentine remineralization and pulp repair      -      Xin Li
Bioactivity of hydraulic cements in regenerative endodontic procedures      -      Nastaran Meschi
Bioactivity of hydraulic cements in root canal therapy and root end filling      -      Josette  Camilleri

Biological and Clinical Implications of Oral Biofilms
David Herrera
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Periodontal Research;Microbiology/Immunology
Keywords: Oral Biofilms; In Vitro Models; Microbiology; Periodontitis; Peri-Implantitis

Oral Biofilms: Importance and Associations with Disease      -      David Herrera
Oral Biofilm Models for Addressing Biological and Clinical Questions      -      Georgios Belibasakis
Oral Biofilm Models: Cell to Cell Sensing and Communication      -      Nicholas Jakubovics
Oral Biofilm Models: Periodontal and Peri-Implant Diseases      -      Elena Figuero

Building Translational Bridges for Oral Health Science, Evidence-based Policy and Clinical Practice
Marcelo Araujo
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Women in Science Network;Cariology Research
Keywords: Translational Science; Caries Management; HPV Vaccination; Antibiotic Stewardship

Caries Management for the Modern Age      -      Margherita Fontana
NIDCR: Integrating Bench Science and Clinical Practice to Advance Research Discoveries      -      Martha Somerman
HPV Vaccination: Implications for Oral Health Care Providers      -      Alessandro Villa
Antibiotic Use and Treatment Decisions in Periodontal Therapy      -      Effie Ioannidou

Contemporary Assessment Research Topics in Dental Education
HsingChi von Bergmann
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Education Research;Oral Medicine & Pathology;Student Training and Research (STAR) Network
Keywords: Simulation Technology; PeerWise Assessment For Learning

Exploring objective assessment in restorative dentistry.      -      Vincent Lee
SOLO taxonomy: A tool for feedback.      -      Gunnel Svensäter
The impacts of PeerWise on dental students’ learning      -      James Richardson
Assessment of interprofessional communication and teamwork in dental education.      -      Emma Bartle

Developing & Launching Children’s Caries Prevention Trials to Reduce Disparities
Stuart Gansky
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Behavioral, Epidemiologic, and Health Services Research;Pediatric Oral Health Research;Global Oral Health Inequalities Research Network
Keywords: Health Equity; Behavioral Science; MHealth; Community Health Workers; Behavioral Economics; Common Sense Model Of Self-Regulation

The Interactive Short Messages to Initiate Lasting health Education (iSmile) Trial      -      Belinda Borrelli
The COordinated Oral health Promotion (CO-OP) Chicago Trial      -      Molly Martin
The Protecting All Children's Teeth (PACT) Trial      -      Suchitra Nelson
The BEhavioral EConomics for Oral health iNnovation (BEECON) Trial      -      Francisco Ramos-Gomez

Developments in Osseointegration
James Taylor
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Implantology Research
Keywords: Osseointegration; Imaging; Monocytes

The Effect of Systemic Health on Implant Osseointegration      -      Tara Aghaloo
Beyond Radiographs: Probing Nanoscale Osseointegration in 4D      -      Kathryn Grandfield
The Role of Immune Cells in Control of Bone Regeneration and Tissue Engineering      -      Lyndon Cooper

Establishing a Global Evidence Ecosystem for Oral Health (GEEOH)
Jan Clarkson
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Clinical and Translational Science Network;Evidence-based Dentistry Network
Keywords: Evidence Synthesis Guidelines; Translation

Vision of a Global Evidence Ecosystem for Oral Health: Experience of Guideline Producers      -      Jan Clarkson
Impact on Evidence Synthesis      -      Anne-Marie Glenny
Potential for International Adoption/Adaption      -      Harry-Sam Selikowitz

Evolution of the Dentition and Tooth Attachment Apparatus
Joy Richman
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Craniofacial Biology Research;Mineralized Tissue
Keywords: Tooth Attachment; Periodontal Ligament; Evolution; Ankylosis; Tooth Eruption

Evolution of the Periodontium      -      Thomas Diekwisch
A Universal Power Law for the Growth and Shape of Teeth      -      Alistair Evans
Parathyroid hormone signaling in mesenchymal progenitor cells controls cell fate and orchestrates tooth eruption      -      Wanida Ono
Natural ankylosis is compatible with polyphyodonty in reptiles      -      Joy Richman

Functional and Neuroinflammatory Mechanisms of TMD Pain
Feng Tao
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Neuroscience;International Network for Orofacial Pain and Related Disorders Methodology;Pharmacology/Therapeutics/Toxicology
Keywords: Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD); Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ); Neuroinflammation

Neural mechanisms for spontaneous pain from inflamed masseter muscle in mice      -      Man-Kyo Chung
Role of trigeminal TNFα in temporomandibular joint pain      -      Feng Tao
Active condylar remodeling is bad or good for TMD patients?      -      Kai-yuan Fu
Functional and structural jaw muscles abnormalities associated with TMD myalgia      -      Iacopo Cioffi

Future Promise and Critical Research Needs in Special Care Communities
Katherine Hammitt
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Craniofacial Biology Research;Salivary Research;Microbiology/Immunology
Keywords: Craniofacial; Salivary; Immunology

The Patient Voice      -      Katherine Hammitt
The Promise of Basic Science and Translational Medicine: Craniofacial Diseases      -      J. Timothy Wright
Pemphigus and Pemphigoid: Autoimmune Diseases Affecting the Oral Cavity      -      A. Razzaque Ahmed
Panel Discussion: Improving Quality of Oral Health for the Future      -      Athena Papas

Guidance for Early Stage Dental Materials Researchers on Appropriate Test Methods
Ulrich Lohbauer
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Dental Materials;Prosthodontics Research
Keywords: Dental Materials; Clinical Relevance; Ceramic Composite Adhesive; Testing Procedures

Guidance into experimental research studies – motivation, outline, and resonance: an editor’s perspective      -      Nick Silikas
Guidance into resin composite testing – what should be considered?      -      Nicoleta Ilie
What should we follow when it comes to adhesive repair – a new guidance initiative      -      Mutlu Özcan
Specific performance of dental ceramics: How to approach brittle materials      -      Ulrich Lohbauer

Harassment in Science: Steps to No-tolerance
Effie Ioannidou
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Women in Science Network;Cariology Research;Microbiology/Immunology;Clinical and Translational Science Network;Periodontal Research;Dental Materials
Keywords: Gender; Gender Equity; Academic Policy; Sexual Harassment

Prevalence of Sexual Harassment in Academics      -      Pamela Zarkowski
NIH Policies on Sexual Harassment      -      Martha Somerman
Anti-harassment NIH Initiatives and Procedures      -      Kelly Ten Hagen
The Canadian Perspective on Sexual Harassment in Academics      -      Mary MacDougall

Improve Oral Health for Older Adults Globally: Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Bei Wu
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Geriatric Oral Research
Keywords: Older Adults; Interdisciplinary Collaboration; Oral Health; Global

Interdisciplinary collaboration to improve oral health for older adults      -      Elisa Ghezzi
Carepartner-assisted intervention to improve oral health for older adults with cognitive impairment      -      Bei Wu
Training Village Health Volunteers to Provide Oral Care for Community-based Older Adults with Long-term Care Needs      -      Sajee Sattayut
Clinical trial on root caries prevention in community-dwelling elders living in fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas      -      Edward Lo

Innovations in Teaching and Learning 3-D Concept in Preclinical Dentistry
Babak Chehroudi
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Education Research;Student Training and Research (STAR) Network
Keywords: Dental Anatomy ; Preclinical ; Restorative Dentistry; Orall Pathology; Virtual Reality

Critical assessment of application of modern digital technology in teaching and learning dental morphology.      -      Babak Chehroudi
The role of haptics in pre-clinical operative dentistry: Can VR Teach?      -      Steven Engebretson
Application of 3D imaging and digital technology improve students’ learning perspective in oral pathology      -      Yuuichi Soeno
Review of Practical Applications of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Dental Education      -      Kevin Montgomery

Masticatory Function, Microbiota and Brain
Maria Piancino
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Nutrition Research;Prosthodontics Research;Craniofacial Biology Research;Geriatric Oral Research
Keywords: Masticatory Function; Memory; Cognition; Hippocampus; Microbiota; Neurodegeneration

Reduced Mastication Impairs Memory Function      -      Takashi Ono
Neurodegeneration Induced by Tooth Loss      -      Tetsuya Goto
Retrograde Transport of Masseter Muscle-derived Neprilysin to the Hippocampus      -      Takuya Kobayashi
Influence of Gut and Oral Microbiota on the Brain Activity      -      Dong Mei Deng

Metabolic syndrome, diabetes and periodontal disease
Deepak Saxena
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Periodontal Research;Microbiology/Immunology;Oral Medicine & Pathology
Keywords: Metabolomics; Periodontal Disease; Metabolic Syndrome; Obesity; Diabetes

Altered bone metabolism by hyperglycemia: a new function of an old metabolite      -      Xin Li
Role of oxidative stress in alterations of diabetic bone      -      france lambert
Mechanisms by Which Diabetes Alters the Host Response and Oral Microbiota to Increase Periodontitis      -      Dana Graves
P. gingivalis targets key host epithelial-cell metabolic pathways for successful colonization in human oral mucosa      -      Ozlem Yilmaz

Microbes and Oral Cancer
Saman Warnakulasuriya
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Oral Medicine & Pathology;Microbiology/Immunology;Global Oral Health Inequalities Research Network
Keywords: Oral Cancer; Oral Microbiome; Oral Leukoplakia; Mechanisms

The role played by microbes in cancer causation      -      Saman Warnakulasuriya
Candida colonization in oral leukoplakia and malignant transformation      -      Anura Ariyawardana
Specific bacterial pathogens and the bacteriome implicated in oral cancer: Strength of the evidence      -      Stephen Challacombe
HPV and oral cancer      -      Hatsuhiko Maeda

Molecular Commensalism – Current Insights into Host-Flora Symbiosis
Jens Kreth
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Microbiology/Immunology;Periodontal Research;Cariology Research
Keywords: Molecular Commensalism; Commensal Bacteria; Symbiosis; Dysbiosis; Caries; Periodontal Disease

Steering molecular commensalism-how to influence streptococcal competitiveness      -      Jens Kreth
Probiotic mechanisms of oral streptococci      -      Robert Burne
Glycan recognition at the saliva – oral microbiome interface      -      Stefan Ruhl
Oral epithelial cell responses to the good and the bad      -      Shannon Wallet

National Oral Health Surveys: Methodological Challenges for Global Datasets
Richard Holmes
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): 
Keywords: Oral Health; Epidemiology; Inequalities; Research Design; Health Services

National Studies of Adults and Older Adults: The UK Experience      -      Georgios Tsakos
The National Brazilian Oral Health Survey Series      -      Angelo Roncalli
The National Studies of Adult Oral Health: Australia      -      Marco Peres
The Thailand National Oral Health Survey Series      -      Patcharawan Srisilapanan

Neural and Non-neuronal Cell Communication in Homeostasis and Disease
Anibal Diogenes
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Neuroscience;International Network for Orofacial Pain and Related Disorders Methodology;Pulp Biology & Regeneration Research
Keywords: Trigeminal; Neurons; Sensroy; Cross-Talk

Intercellular Communication Between Odontoblast and Neuron Explains Sensory Transduction Mechanism for Dentinal Sensitivity      -      Yoshiyuki Shibukawa
Sensory Neural Cross-talk with Oral Cavity Tumors      -      Shivani Ruparel
Neuronal TRPV1 activation prevents alveolar bone resorption via CGRP      -      Naoki Takahashi
Trigeminal Sensory Neurons Regulation of Apical Periodontitis Following Dental Infections      -      Anibal Diogenes

New Horizons in Periodontics – Personalized Scaffolds and Stem Cell Therapies
Marco Bottino
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Dental Materials;Periodontal Research;Mineralized Tissue;Stem Cell Biology Research
Keywords: Regeneration; Periodontics; Bioprinting; Personalized Medicine; Stem Cells

Multiphasic Tissue Engineered Constructs for Periodontal Regeneration      -      Saso Ivanovski
Bioactive Nanomaterials for Bone Tissue Regeneration      -      Akhilesh Gaharwar
Engineering bone tissue with nanoscale precision      -      Luiz Bertassoni
Personalized Stem Cell Therapy for Alveolar Bone Regeneration      -      Darnell Kaigler

NIDCR DOCTRC Program: Interdisciplinary Translational Project Advancements
David Kohn
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Periodontal Research;Craniofacial Biology Research;Stem Cell Biology Research
Keywords: Regenerative Medicine; Translation; Stem Cells; Biomaterials; Tissue Engineering

Optimization of a novel organic-mineral bone adhesive for dental bone grafting      -      Joseph Fiorellini
Non-viral Aquaporin-1 gene therapy to restore salivary flow in patients suffering from radiation-induced xerostomia      -      Michael Passineau
Calvarial bone regeneration using MSCs      -      Yang Chai
Prevention of scar formation in the skin using topical focal adhesion kinase inhibitors      -      Geoffrey Gurtner

Novel Nicotine Products and Oral Health: the Emerging Evidence Base
Richard Holliday
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Periodontal Research;Behavioral, Epidemiologic, and Health Services Research;Microbiology/Immunology
Keywords: E-Cigarettes; Nicotine; Tobacco; Periodontal Disease

An Overview and Global Policy Review of Novel Nicotine Products      -      Richard Holliday
Microbiological Evidence on Novel Nicotine Products      -      Shareef Dabdoub
Oral health clinical evidence on novel nicotine products      -      Richard Holliday
Oral health epidemiological evidence on novel nicotine products      -      Benjamin Chaffee

Oral Health Inequalities in Immigrants: Challenges and Solutions
Tamanna Tiwari
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Behavioral, Epidemiologic, and Health Services Research;Women in Science Network;Global Oral Health Inequalities Research Network
Keywords: Immigrant Health; Behavioral Health; Humanitarian Migrants; Community-Based Solutions

Predicting Dental Attendance of Newcomers’ Children using the Theory of Planned Behavior      -      Maryam Amin
Oral Health and Dental Care Pathways of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Canada: A Mixed-Methods Protocol      -      Nazik Nurelhuda
Oral Health Needs Assessment in African Immigrants using Photovoice Technique      -      Tamanna Tiwari
Added sugar intake dietary patterns and dental experiences among 1st and 2nd generation Hispanic immigrants in Indiana.      -      Gerardo Maupome

Orthodontics - Basic Science Behind Mechanotherapy
Stella Chaushu
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Orthodontics Research
Keywords: Orthodontic Tooth Movement; Biology; Immunology; Photomodulation; Stem Cells

In-vitro Orthodontics      -      Dror Aizenbud
The Biphasic Theory of Orthodontic Tooth Movement      -      Cristina Teixeira
Photobiomodulation – Beyond the Limits of Traditional Orthodontics      -      Tarek El-Bialy
Immunorthodontics - Immune Cells in Modulating Orthodontic Tooth Movement      -      Stella Chaushu

Pathogenesis and Treatment of Periodontitis: Honoring the Legacy of Ricardo Teles
Magda Feres
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Periodontal Research
Keywords: Periodontitis; Treatment; Etiopathogenesis; Biomarkers; Immunity

A Roadmap to the Biomarkers of Periodontitis Progression: Are We There Yet?      -      Flavia Teles
Biomarkers of Periodontal Disease, Clinical and “OMICS” Studies      -      Robert Genco
Gums & Joints – Where the bugs subvert regulated immunity      -      Iain Chapple
Antibiotic protocols in the treatment of periodontitis      -      Marcelo Faveri
What Does Treatment of Periodontal Disease Mean to the Diabetic Patient?      -      Hatice Hasturk

Raising Awareness on Minimally Invasive Approaches in Clinical Dentistry
Aylin Baysan
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Cariology Research;Oral Health Research
Keywords: Minimally Invasive Dentistry; Awareness  Structured Management; Dry Mouth; Dental Caries; Innovative Detection Systems

Caries Management by Risk Assessment - Prof John Featherstone      -      John Featherstone
Caries diagnosis - detection, severity and activity assessment - Prof Sophie Doméjean      -      Sophie Doméjean
Caries Management by Risk Assessment in Children MI approaches - Dr Yasmi Crystal      -      Yasmi Crystal
Tailored MI approaches for the management of dental caries in dry mouth patients with innovative ideas - Dr Aylin Baysan      -      Aylin Baysan

Reducing Dental Anxiety/Fear in Children and Across the Lifecourse
Zoe Marshman
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Behavioral, Epidemiologic, and Health Services Research;Pediatric Oral Health Research
Keywords: Dental Anxiety; Paediatric Dentistry; Psychology; Technology; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Reducing child dental anxiety/fear using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) - an overview      -      Jenny Porritt
Using digital technology devices in the treatment of dental care-related anxiety and fear      -      Daniel McNeil
Internet-based CBT and automated versions for treatment of child dental anxiety and phobia      -      Göran Dahllöf
The use of technology-assisted approaches to pain management in pediatric dentistry      -      Cameron Randall

Regenerative Endodontics: From the Lab to the Clinic
Jacques Nör
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Pulp Biology & Regeneration Research;Dental Materials
Keywords: Regenerative Endodontics; Scaffolds; Stem Cells

Advancing Regenerative Endodontics Research using Animal Models      -      George Huang
New Approach for Regenerative Endodontics by Transplantation of Scaffold-free 3D DPSC Constructs      -      Jun-Ichi Sasaki
ECM-derived Scaffolds for Regenerative Endodontics      -      Charles Sfeir
Challenges in Clinical Research for Regenerative Endodontics      -      Tatiana Botero

Reorientation Of Oral Health Systems Towards Prevention: An Economic Perspective
Christopher Vernazza
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Behavioral, Epidemiologic, and Health Services Research;Cariology Research
Keywords: Health Economics; Oral Health Prevention; Policy

The Economic Evidence For Preventive Approaches In Dentistry: From Design To Implementation      -      Marco Mazevet
Economic Evaluation Techniques And Their Appropriateness For Dentistry      -      Steve Birch
Using Priority Setting And Resource Allocation Tools In Dentistry      -      Christopher Vernazza

Revisiting Clinical Trials in the Era of Precision Dentistry
Andrea Mombelli
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Periodontal Research
Keywords: Clinical Trial; Precision Medicine; Periodontal Therapy

Selecting and interpreting clinical outcomes in the era of precision dentistry      -      Andrea Mombelli
The periodontitis-susceptible individual. Lessons learnt from contemporary research      -      Panos Papapanou
GCF in the personalized periodontology puzzle: Does site matter?      -      Nagihan Bostanci
Novel trial designs in the era of precision dentistry      -      Luigi Nibali

Strengthening Primary Health Care Building an Investment Case for Oral Health to Achieve UHC
Manu Mathur
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Global Oral Health Inequalities Research Network;Behavioral, Epidemiologic, and Health Services Research;Evidence-based Dentistry Network
Keywords: Primary Care; Inequalities; Alma Ata; DGs; Universal Health Coverage; Health Systems

40 years since Alma Ata: Redesigning Primary Health Care for Reducing Inequalities in Oral Health      -      Manu Mathur
The integration of oral health into UHC: Case Study from USA      -      Robert Weyant
Using advanced modeling to improve outcomes and guide evidence-based health system investments for oral health      -      Rudolf Knippenberg
A global tipping point? Using the innovative power of the Oral Health Investment Case to end the neglect of oral health      -      Habib Benzian

The Challenges in Rehabilitating the Dentin-Pulp Complex
Alexandre Vieira
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Clinical and Translational Science Network;Cariology Research;Women in Science Network
Keywords: Revascularization; Oral Microbiome; Endodontic Treatment; Dentin Crosslinking; Adhesive System

Individual Suscepitibility to Negative Endodontic Outcomes      -      Alexandre Vieira
Protein Profiles of Dentin Susceptible to Debonding      -      Evelise Machado de Souza
The Endodontic Microbiome      -      Everdan Carneiro

The Future of Dentistry as Part of a Learning Health System?
Heiko Spallek
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Clinical and Translational Science Network;Women in Science Network;e-Oral Health Network
Keywords: Electronic Health Records; Learning Health System; Health Outcomes; Informatics

How will we collect data using the EHR?      -      Lynn Johnson
How do we translate the resulting Big Data into Knowledge?      -      Alonso Carrasco-Labra
How do we support the decisions made by clinicians (CDS) to implement findings?      -      Donald Rindal
How do we use the EHR to assess if it actually improved health outcomes?      -      Mark Genuis

The New Classification of Periodontal Diseases: Research Implications
Panos Papapanou
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Periodontal Research
Keywords: Periodontal Disease Classification; Microbiome; Genetics Host Response

Why was a change in the periodontitis classification necessary?      -      Kenneth Kornman
Contemporary studies of the periodontal microbiome in health and disease      -      Purnima Kumar
Beyond GWAS studies of periodontitis; what is the future?      -      Kimon Divaris
Host responses, biomarkers and periodontitis diagnosis      -      Alpdogan Kantarci

Transition to Clinic and Translation of Research-Adoption and Implementation of Dental Research in Your Dental Practice
Aparna Bhat
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Network for Practice -based Research;Clinical and Translational Science Network
Keywords: Continuing Research; Private Practice; Transition

Transition to Clinic and Translation of Research - Adopting and Implementing Dental Research in Organized Dentistry      -      Marcelo Araujo
Transition to Clinic and Translation of Research - How To Get Involved in Practice-Based Research      -      Valeria Gordan
Transition to Clinic and Translation of Research - How to Create Opportunites for Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Clinical Research      -      Jocelyne Feine
Transition to Clinic and Translation of Research - Adopting a Practice-Based Research Model in Your Office      -      N.J.M. Opdam

Wake-up Call: Dental Sleep Medicine Is Here to Stay!
Frank Lobbezoo
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Neuroscience;International Network for Orofacial Pain and Related Disorders Methodology;Women in Science Network
Keywords: Sleep-Related Orofacial Pain; Sleep Bruxism; Obstructive Sleep Apnea; Assessment; Gender

The reciprocal associations between orofacial pain and sleep      -      Gilles Lavigne
The role of the dentist in the assessment and management of sleep bruxism      -      Takafumi Kato
The associations between sleep bruxism and other sleep-related disorders      -      Ghizlane Aarab
The dental management of obstructive sleep apnea      -      Fernanda Almeida

Worldwide Comparison of Dental Care Systems Performance
Stefan Listl
Sponsoring Group/Network(s): Cariology Research;e-Oral Health Network;Geriatric Oral Research;Clinical and Translational Science Network;Network for Practice -based Research
Keywords: Global Oral Health; Policy Evaluation; Health Systems Design; Economic Evaluation

How to gain better insights into the 'value for money' of dental care systems?      -      Stefan Listl
International comparison of oral health outcomes – findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study      -      Eduardo Bernabé
Oral health and welfare state regimes – is there a link?      -      Carol Guarnizo-Herreno
Inputs, Outputs, and Outcomes: what can we learn from combining international data sources on oral health and dental care?      -      Marko Vujicic